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Volcanic Pili Oil from the Philippines



pure volcanic pili oil with pili fruit for skin, face, and hair

Say Mabuhay  to the power of the Pili

See for yourself. Click below to compare the nutrients in Pili Oil and other popular natural oils

Pure Pili combines traditional filipino methods with technology developed by Bicol University engineers

Pure Pili is sourced directly from the volcanically nourished soil of Bicol, Philippines

 Pure Pili is made possible through 
 partnerships with local farmers, 
 businesses, and state officials 


Pili Oil cleans and revitalizes your skin without any irritation, so it’s no wonder many women are ditching their expensive chemical washes for this one simple natural trick.


  1. After your nightly face wash, apply 2-3 drops directly on your hands or mix 1-2 drops with your regular face serum

  2. Massage gently into your skin and leave a thin layer

  3. Pili Oil fans have reported having incredibly soft skin in the morning after nightly application


Many hair products contain synthetic silicone and other chemicals that can weigh down your hair, but Pili Oil is organic and absorbs quickly! 

  1. Massage the oil into your roots and ends

  2. Leave it in for 30min and then wash it out with shampoo (no conditioner needed!)

  3. Hair comes out smooth and soft to the touch

  4. For thicker hair, leaving Pili Oil overnight can really help with reaching the deep layers of your follicles to revitalize your hair.


Cold-pressed organic Pili Oil has unique anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties, which make it a natural ointment for acne scars, eczema, or psoriasis.


  1. Apply one to two drops into your hands and gently massage into the affected skin

  2. For best results, apply to slightly damp skin and leave overnight

  3. Most users notice a reduction in scarring within several weeks

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