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What is Pili Oil, and What Are the Benefits of Pili Oil

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

pili oil with pili fruit and leaves

Volcanic pili oil is one of the most powerful natural oils for both skin and hair. This exotic and results-driven oil is something you can rely on when it comes to skincare. You might also be asking yourself, what is pili oil? Or, what are the benefits of pili oil? Or do I pronounce 'pili?' Here's a little help... /peeley/. Thankfully, pili oil is packed with a powerful punch of science-backed benefits for your skin, body, and hair.

What is Pili Oil?

From the lush volcanic valleys in the Philippines, pili oil is extracted from the pulp of the pili fruit, and the pili fruit comes from the pili tree. The pili fruit also bears the newest super-food, the pili nut, which is a hidden gem in-and-of itself. The pili, scientifically called canarium ovatum, is a tropical tree known as the 'stress-loving' tree because the more stress it endures from its' two separate seasons (rainy & dry), the more pili fruit (and pili oil!) the tree grows.


Traditionally, Filipinos have used pili oil with their cooking and also applying pili oil topically to treat cases such as eczema and psoriasis. You can discover pili oil from both the kernal and the pulp. The kernal oil can be better used in cooking and foods such as salads. Pili oil extracted from the pulp (the oil Pure Pili uses) contains more vitamin A & E than the kernal oil, which is why it's intended to be applied directly to the skin or hair.

Pili Oil Benefits At a Glance

pili-oil bottle

High Vitamin A content with both retinoids and carotenoids which are effective at stimulating collagen production and reducing wrinkles.

Strong Vitamin E content (also known as tocopherols) which allows pili oil to be an excellent moisturizer for dry areas of skin because of pili oil’s density.

Carotenoids to give an extra amount of protection to the first couple layers of the skin.

Anti-Oxidants to protect skin cells

Proven benefits to help slow the aging process of skin and provide a younger look.

What are the Benefits of Pili Oil?

Soothes and Hydrates Skin

preserving healthy hair with pili oil

For generations, locals in the remote volcanic regions of the Philippines have applied the restorative benefits of pili oil for both skin and hair. Pili oil contains oleic and linoleic fatty acids, which both aid skin that is susceptible to acne. Oleic acid helps the absorbtion of vitamins and nutrients fasters and easier, while a lack of linoleic acid can lead to dry and cracked skin, hair, and nails. Not to mention pili oil also contains double the palmitic acid (aids as a highly soothing emollient) than any other oil as well. For exact measures of nutrients and to compare other oils in the industry, check out the nutritional info. The numbers speak for themselves.

Preserve Healthy Hair, Prevent Dry and Damaged Hair with Pili Oil

If your ends are extremely dry or no other oil is penetrating into the hair, pili oil is your solution. With pili oil, it has been proven to provide shiny hair that does not snarl or still feel dry. Does your hair also frizz? There are various procedures to help with this when it comes to showering and using the iconic blow dryer. Fortunately, the benefits of pili oil allow for the exotic nutrients to take hold helping the hair feel smooth and healthy again.

Lock in the Intense and Rich Moisture, and Promote Healing

Pili oil is an excellent solution for dry, aging skin since it penetrates into the skin's surface. Pili oil is also 2X more absorbing than oils like argan, rosehip, jojoba, and coconut. When the skin becomes dry, we are more susceptible to wrinkles, fine line, and to losing tightness of our skin....with the help of oleic acid, the benefits of pili oil, through its volcanic nutrients, can restore this problem without clogging pores.With an abundant amount of oleic acid, pili oil helps replenish lost moisture that naturally comes with age.

save the stress of stretch marks with pili oil

Save the Stress of Stretch Marks

Pili oil promotes cell regeneration and keeps the skin in shape. The stress of stretch marks can be real, and pili oil will help maintain healthy blood flow to the skin from its astringent properties. Because it's ability to help mend collagen, pili oil can improve skin's elasticity by boosting elastin fibers.


Fix Up Those Nail Beds

What pili oil is great for is fixing up those nail beds, especially if they are dry and cracked. A little pili oil onto the ends of your nail beds after washing your hands or a hot shower can go a long way. Pili oil is very responsive and doesn't have a greasy feel given its ability to quickly absorb. The volcanic enriched nutrients bring nail plates back to good health in no time by stimulating blood flow to the fingers, which promote the growth of new cells. Pili oil reduces the dryness around nails and deeply moisturizes them.

We Didn't Forget the Men Out there... Eliminate the Beard Itch

Pili oil contains the most Vitamin E out of any other natural oil

prevent itchy beard with pili oil

As the 'toolsofmen' mention, "At the root of every one of your beard follicles, you have a pair of glands called sebaceous glands." It is understood that the sebaceous glands create a sebum oil to naturally keep your skin nourished and hydrated. However, when the beard gets longer, the sebum oil does not produce a greater quantity. For all men out there, using pili oil in the beard will supplement the lack of sebum oil allowing the beard itch to be eliminated, and providing the moisture the skin is seeking.

If you're new to discovering what pili oil is, and what the benefits of volcanic pili oil are, check out our post on 11 Ways to Use Pili Oil for a deeper dive!

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