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Give Em' Pumpkin to Talk About; Transition Your Skincare Routine This Fall

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Although summer has drawn to an end, we can all agree how blessed we are with the beautiful changes of fall (and less humidity) that have begun. And with this change, we know there are new transitions in our own lives, as well as our daily routines. Our daily routine of skincare is just as important as one of the many transitions this fall season. Maybe we aren’t sure which next and best skincare product we should go with, or maybe we will resort to what we used last autumn. “People try unusual approaches to skin care in their quest for perfect, glowy skin, but the standard cliche really does ring true in the case of skin care: less is more” Dr. Tyler Hollmig, dermatologist and director of Laser and Aesthetic Surgery at Stanford Health Care, says,

“As a rough rule with cosmetic products, fewer ingredients is better, so I like products without lots of additives such as fragrances."

Below are some of the top tips to naturally transition your skincare routine from late summer to the nice crisp fall breeze.

Change Up Your Moisturizer

When incorporating a natural oil like pili oil, it can help support skin’s natural ability to produce new, healthy elastin and collagen, pili oil works with the skin’s natural regeneration process and aids in improving the skin’s appearance. While you don’t necessarily need a heavy cream each time, adding a couple drops of pili oil can enhance your moisturizer because of it’s natural ceramides and retinols. According to Shari Marchbein, M.D., a determatologist in New York City, ceramides are the “essential and healthy fatty acids that occur naturally in the skin but need to be replenished during the colder months.”

Manhattan-based dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D., mentions how

“now is the time to reintroduce retinols back into your routine” and although retinoids are usually and underrated element in the standard skin care routine, pili oil will help soften newly acquired brown spots during this process from summer skin damage.

Exfoliate & Then Exfoliate Some More

Did you know that regular exfoliation helps encourage skin cell turnover, which leads to brighter complexion? Receiving a good exfoliation treatment will help your skin prepare for the brisk weather and also help get rid of the summer’s sunscreen accumulation. The last thing we all want as we age is to have continued buildup of dead skin cells. To get a better understanding on how to exfoliate your face and body, we always recommend to stick with something that is natural, and of course, adding a little bit of pili oil to the mix will go a long way!

Pili oil’s high antioxidant activity is also designed to calm the skin and reduce the appearance of redness.

Incorporate a Facial Oil

We know, it seems a little contradictory with the idea of putting any type of oil on your face. But 100% pure natural oils can work wonders on your skin. For maximum hydration, try Pure Pili Oil. After cleansing your face, apply four to five drops to your hands, or if you feel comfortable, a drop on your face (a little goes a long way!). Simply start by smoothing the oil from your nose to your ears. Then, gently glide the pili oil from your eyebrows to your hairline in an upward motion going against gravity. Complete the process by gliding your hands from your neck to your jawline until absorbed.

As a fragrance-free and non-greasy natural oil derived from premium volcanic soil in the Philippines, pili oil is a powerful natural skincare oil that is guaranteed to hydrate and brighten your skin.

Still wondering what pili oil is? Or what the benefits of pili oil are? Check it out here!

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