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Say Hello to the Sun: 8 Necessary Tips for Summer Skincare

Summer has made it's welcome, and with that comes a change of pace when dealing with your skin. When the heat arrives, so does oily skin, sunburns, and dry patches...oh, and don't forget those enjoyable insect bites and breakouts! We all might agree that a change in the skincare routine is a must. Don't get too overwhelmed, there's just a few simple changes when it comes to natural skincare, especially Pili Oil, and how to use it so you can beat (and enjoy) the heat this summer season.

Summer Skincare tips with Pili Oi

1. Cool off the body

What could possibly be worse than feeling hot and sweaty in the summer sun? Always stay hydrated with iced water wherever you are this summer. When the day comes to an end with a refreshing shower, try to choose one with natural ingredient to hydrate the skin like Pure Pili's Pili Oil. Your skin will feel refreshed and nourished with its soothing nutrients

2. Exfoliate dry skin

The summer months can cause your skin to become dry and flaky. Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis to keep your skin soft and smooth can go a long way. To do that, try using Pure Pili's Pili Oil on your dry skin before you shower, focusing particularly on knees and elbows. Or use it in the shower after cleansing for a natural exfoliation and moisturizing treatment. From the pristine environment of the Philippines, the fruit of the tree is grown in volcanic soil helping the oil contain nutrients to gently buff away aging skin cells, polish your skin clean and unclog pores - leaving it glowingly healthy. Ideal for all skin types. This generous 30 oz jar of Pili Oil will give 35-45 treatments. Natural skin care - The Filipino way.

3. Your scalp could use sunscreen

Your scalp is very sensitive and, without proper protection, can easily burn. Use a sunscreen spray along your part to ensure your scalp is getting the protection it needs.

4. Show off the legs

Summer means showing off your legs in shorts and skirts, and of course you want your legs to look their best. The trick to great summer legs is all in the way the light reflects off the surface of your skin. Apply Pure Pili's Pili Oil with your favorite body lotion to moisturize and smooth your legs.

5. Take it easy on the eyes

The skin around your eyes is thin and fragile so make sure you are taking particularly good care of it after being in the harsh summer sun. Pilli Oil is a great choice for protecting the sensitive skin around the eyes. Pili Oil's texture absorbs 2x faster into the skin than any other natural oil making it a perfect choice for the hot and humid days of summer.

6. Brown sun spot treatment

With the hot summer sun comes those inevitable dark patches on your forehead, cheeks and upper lips known as melasma. To help diminish these spots, try using Pure Pili's Pili Oil.

  1. It activates the regeneration of the skin with it's Amino Acids

  2. The skin is looks younger, healthy, and is rejuvenated.

  3. Improves smoothness, clarity, and glow.

  4. Reduces fine lines and uneven pigmentation.

  5. Activates the regeneration of skin cells.

7. Prevent summer breakouts

With the hot summer sun comes sweaty skin and, unfortunately, that can mean summer breakouts. Breakouts don’t just happen on your face either, they can pop up on your body too. To help prevent breakouts from happening, try using Pili Oil. It can help reduce inflammation in the skin and soothe any irritation you may have from the sun.

8. Avoid scratching your bug bites

Humid weather also means the bugs are out and here to play. While it might be tempting to scratch those itchy bug bites, don't do it. Scratching your bite will only make it worse and may leave you with a mark that will take some time to go away. Instead, try using Pure Pili's Pili Oil. It works to calm, relieve, and replenish irritated skin.

So with a few changes to your skincare routine and a few new natural beauty products from Pure Pili, you’ll be summer ready in no time! And remember, even with a good skincare routine you still need to make sure you’re wearing sunscreen every day to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun. So just follow the 8 tips above and you’ll surely be putting your best face forward this summer!

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