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1 + 1 = 11...How "The Whole(Pili Fruit) is Greater Than the Sum of Its' Parts (Pili Oil & Nuts)"

Of course by now, you know the ins and outs of pili oil 😊: a super oil straight from the volcanic valleys in the Philippines, which provides the most powerful nutrients for your skin and hair. Today, it wouldn’t serve any of us justice if we didn’t reiterate the importance of the idea that “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its' Parts.”

We could go on and on about pili oil’s nutrients, but at this time, we proudly get to share more about the pili fruit, and specifically the pili nut! Did you see the latest on pili hunters? Check out their shark tank premier here! (min. 9:30)

Did you know that pili nuts have 93% fat content? This fact alone positions pili nuts on a solo pedestal as the highest fat whole food on Earth. That’s not all! Pili nuts are extremely tasty too! They are far more buttery and creamy than any other nut. Similar to how pili oil helps your skin with inflammation, pili nuts are great for internal inflammation control as well! The benefits to the pili as a whole are endless. Because of this, we have discovered that:

1 + 1 = 11

Financially, we could engineer that statistic, but when it comes to both pili nuts and pili oil we're not lying about how 1 + 1 = 11!

Pili Oil (1) + Pili Nuts (1) = Nutrients and Vitamins (11+)

· Vitamin A

· Vitamin E

· Omega 3

· Omega 6

· Omega 7

· Omega 9

· Manganese

· Phosphorous

· Calcium

· Amino Acids

· Potassium

So what do you think of the pili fruit now? While pili oil has tremendous benefits with its’ abundant nutrient portfolio, the pili nut is just as plentiful to consume as a food! Pili nuts are rich in heart-healthy omega fatty acids to improve blood circulation as well as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. With it’s antioxidants, pili nuts promote muscle and tissue development. There are also up and coming studies that prove pili oil and nuts can help counter cancer cell growth.

To begin enhancing your natural vitamin and nutritional intake, you can get pili oil here, and pili nuts here 😊.

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