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The Power of the Pili - Welcome

Welcome to the Pure Pili Blog! Quick question before we start the journey…is this your first time reading the word Pili? Well low-and-behold, it’s pronounced (Peeel-e).

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, did you know that the Pili is a fruit? From the volcanic soil where the Pili fruit is grown, to the natural & organic ability it provides for both skin and consumption, we hope you will join us in knowing The Power of the Pili!

Pure Pili’s primary focus is helping to eliminate waste and create sustainability for farmers and the local Filipino people in the Philippines. And through this work, we are a supplier of Pili (Pulp) Oil. As we work on the back-end processes, we will share all areas of the Pili, from the farmers we work with on a day-to-day basis, to those using for both topical use and consumption. We have been amazed with all the support there is to bring Pili Oil to different parts of the world. We are also in awe of the generosity and blessings from the people of the Philippines, and excited for you to come to know The Power of the Pili!


The Pure Pili Team

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