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Why Pili Oil is the Next Best Natural Oil

As we mentioned in our Welcome Post, the Pili (Peeel-e) fruit is making head-way in various parts of the world. However, many people are still new to the pili. Pure Pili seeks to help all come to know the tremendous benefits provided from the pili fruit.

Who we are?

Pure Pili is a supplier of pili oil and we are also dedicated to growing the pili Industry in its’ entirety, while supporting the local regions where Pili Trees are grown in the Philippines.

What are the benefits?

  • High Vitamin A Content

  • Beta-Carotenes

  • Carotenoids

  • Tocopherols (Vitamin E, and Phystosterols)

  • Proven to help Anti-Aging

  • Anti-Oxidants to Protect Cells

Where has the Pili been all these years?

  • Until recently, the Pili has been in remote areas of the Philippines. The local government and local research centers have been planning and developing more farms as they continue to understand the powerful benefits of the pili, and what others outside of the country can benefit from as well.

When did the Philippines begin to export Pili Oil?

  • Continued adoption from natural skincare companies by creating their own style and uses of the oil have exponentially grown in recent years. pili oil itself began to reach other countries just 10 years ago. Still hidden secret to many.

Why should I use Pili Oil?

  • Many people continue to claim the power of the pili is one of the best quality natural oils they have used. The recently discovered health benefits of pili oil seem to be placed on a high pedestal. You’ll have to try it for yourself if you think we are kidding!

How will the locales benefit?

  • Pure Pili is working with local governments, research centers, and universities who have been working effortlessly to grow the supply of Pili trees in recent years. pili trees grow in a variety of places within the region, from farms to families’ backyards. Through Blockchain technology, Pure Pili is creating ways for local people with trees on their property to contribute to the pili industry, while also working with farms to be more efficient and sustainable as well.

Pure Pili is the first supplier of pili oil to cosmetic companies for skin care and food companies for consumption and we hope for all to understand the power of the pili.

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