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Derived from Volcanic Soil, Make the Switch to Pili Oil

What makes Pili Oil’s benefits so different from many of the natural oils out there today?

The Pili tree is the only tree that can be grown naturally from the richness of volcanic soil and provide the powerful composition of nutrients and benefits. Pili trees grow suitably in volcanic soil while handling torrential wind and rain in one season, and hot humid weather in another. The more the pili tree is shaken and stirred from the rain and heat it receives, the more fruit it bears, and in turn we find ourselves with more pili oil! No synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are ever used by any farmer and trees are harvested in a work-safe manner.

As the only natural oil derived from volcanic soil, there’s no reason to not make the switch to Pili Oil. It’s already blessed with more abundant natural exfoliating qualities, and on top of that, it has a higher vitamin A & E content than any other natural cosmetic oil. There are several volcanoes around the Bicol region, but the most active is the Mayon Volcano (which had a small eruption January 2018). The soil is as rich as it can get and the time is now to make the switch!

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