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Is the Cold Really Causing Your Dehydrated Skin?

When it comes to winter, we tend to hibernate. Sometimes we think it’s solely the cold air that creates our dry skin; hold on a second, it’s the heater. It’s hard enough to keep your skin hydrated while you’re awake. And if you don’t drink enough water or forget to use a moisturizer, you wake up to parched skin as well! We all know how uncomfortable this can be!

Let’s recall that when your skin is dehydrated, it ages faster, breaks out more, and looks uneven in tone. The skin is one of the largest organs of the human body, it needs its’ nourishment. Your skin helps protect your organs and body from toxic pollutants, bacteria, and general irritants that could cause harm. Of the multiple layers that comprise this vital organ, the topmost layer of your skin (the stratum corneum) includes a mix of oily lipids (fats) and waxes.

Today we are focusing soley on dehydrated skin, which results from an environmental lack of hydration (rather than genetic oil diminishment). This means that your skin lacks the water it needs to remain

, resulting in an oily, sensitive, or dull skin tone.

By addressing the importance of preserving your skin’s water levels, dehydrated skin can be tamed these winter months! Here will dive into…

Assessing your environment, habits, and regimen

It can be very important to examine the factors around you during the cold winter months. Factors in your room and life can contribute to overnight skin dehydration.

Existing bedtime skincare regimen: Using an occlusive moisturizer that provides a layer of oil on the skin’s surface can help slow down water loss. When adding your nighttime lotion, adding a layer of Pili Oil to the skin will aid in this process and help prevent dehydration

Water Intake: This one is pretty straight forward. Cut the glass (or two) before bed and make water your main choice of drink.

Shower Temperature: Let me guess what you’re thinking, “I know, I need to reduce the temperature of the nice hot showers.” Well, you’re thinking right! Very hot water could strip your skin of its natural oils, leading to itchy skin.

Diet: On a scale from 1-10, how healthy would you consider your diet? Consider focusing on the Omega-3 foods: salmon, walnuts, flaxseed, etc.

Air Quality and Moisture: Get a humidifier! 6-8 hours of sleeping in dry room air from your heat may be contributing to aggravated skin.

It can be quite simple to take care of your dehydrated skin. There may always be some tough adjustments, but the most important thing you can do to take care of dehydrated skin is to assess your skincare routine, and stop using harsh, sensitizing products. Along with various organic lotions out there, and the combination of our 100% Pure Organic Pili Oil is a perfect way to get started taking the best care of your dehydrated skin. And if you’re also dealing with flaky, rough patches, just a few drops of Pili Oil by itself can have your skin looking like new, overnight!

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